Zombie Trailer Park

Have you ever been in a war game? Tried to defend you empire? Or got busy with a shooting game training where your soldiers acquire new skills and instructions to do something in the combat field to defend the country against your enemy? If you are one of those people who like warrior games, games which involve using your mind figuring out strategies to defend something which you love in the mean time have fun as much as you can, I bet this game is a treat for you.Zombie Trailer Park is a fun filled addictive game having the same theme of a warrior trying to defend his empire, which can be played by any age group. The main goal of this game is to defend your trailer park against the strong zombie army.Zombies have taken over and destroyed the entire Town. Luckily you have become the important person for much of your city men and women. But now the zombies have got their sights on your own trailer park walking rapidly towards objects with a goal to destroy them completely. Your mission in this challenging zombie killing game is to control and train army of angry wielding, shotgun toting insane men from your trailer park to defend a never-ending horde of undead in the ruined town. If you are looking for other zombie games then Zombocalypse Unblocked.What makes this game more and more interesting and addictive is that you can build army camps collect money and also manage your economy and to train all fighting units to defend your trailer park. Gather all the required power and skills to activate super weapons and kill that zombie army today. Go ahead and have lots of fun with this new addictive game!

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