Shopping Cart Hero

Shopping Cart Hero is one great game to enjoy. It is another one of the popular Stickman games, and many have expressed their happiness towards the manufacturers. What exactly happens when you actually mix ski jumping with shopping? Well, the result is in front of you in the form of a game.Watching the gameplay, you will see how hilarious the game can really be! Just take it to the top of the hill and cover some insane distance to prove your worth and mettle. Though you won't stop, but help yourself smile all throughout the gaming experience, you will simply love the mind-boggling jumps and styles which are on display at the time of declining. The better your style while descending from the sky, the points you gather up.There is nothing much about the game controls, and the movement of the cart is to be carried out using the arrow keys. That is all there is to it. The upgrade takes place between the different rounds so you will have to watch out for that. Just upgrade and try and be the best.Stickman games have always been popular and have always appealed to people, despite its easy going and simple background. The game has already become popular among aged people. With upgrades, the game becomes better and more engaging.To know more about the game, just check out the game details from the official website. Just like all stickman games, you are definitely going to love every bit of it. A great option to pass the time with!

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