Kangaroos have been symbolizing Australia for quite some time now. But these animals are no longer restricted to just the wildlife of Australia. The world of gaming has adapted to their ways as well. They are widely being used as the subjects of games like Hangaroo.The game helps you bring out the hidden laureate in you. The game demands you to solve the phrase that has been given failing to do which the kangaroo will be hanged. Every time you select a wrong letter the knot of the hangman's rope gets tighter around the neck of the kangaroo. When you get a particular phrase right, you proceed to the next level. You are provided with four lives in all. The moment you guess four wrong letters, your kangaroo gets hanged. You need to restart the game all over again.The controls of the game are quite simple and uncomplicated. You are provided with an alphabetical pattern of A to Z. You make use of a mouse to click on the letter that you prefer. The game not just makes you right with your guesses, but helps you have a great stock of phrases as well. The game tests your knowledge in almost every field ranging from music to games and all the way back to literature as well.

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