Take a block and drop it into the square hole to complete each stage. There are a total of 33 stages in this game. To play this game you need to give full attention. While moving the blocks be careful and don't make any wrong step, in case you do you have to start the level all over again. The later part of the game discovers some difficult levels to play. Though proper skill and attention will help you to solve all the levels. While playing the game you can see two types of switches on the screen. Every switch acts differently. Apart from these two switches there is a third switch, which ultimately split your block into two pieces. The player can skip the current stage and can enter the new stage by entering the six digit passcode. This passcode exists at the top of the right corner.You can use arrow keys and space bar to play this game. Use Left arrow to move the block to the left side of the platform, Right arrow to move the block to the right side of the platform. You can also use the up arrow to move the block to the up side of the platform and down arrow to move the block to the down side. Space bar helps to select and collect the particular block to play the game.

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