Axis Football League

Axis Football League is a very good online flash game of traditional American football. If you like the American football, then you should play this game at least once. The game is basically a strategy oriented game where you have to select a team and by which you will be able to play the Axis league online.The game play of this football league is very interesting. This game needs flash player installed into your computer in order to be able to play the game. At the very first you have to select an option whether you want to start a new season or want to load your earlier game. Again you can also play a friendly game by selecting the option quick play. Here the main thing which you have to do is to make the strategy of the game. Like there will be situation when you have to choose what you want to do. You will have several options like cross fire, safety smash, jail break, max cover, tilt etc. If you are a good player then you can select the proper option to score goals with ease. Again you can also take time out and can also view the game and player stats.To play this game you have to use both your keyboard and mouse. To move the player you have to use W, A, S and D from the keyboard. For selecting an option you have to use your left click of the mouse.

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