Canyon Defense

Canyon Defense is a game full of adventures. The game depicts the strategy to build a defense system to avoid the enemy attacks. Canyon Defense is also a tower defense game.This game is a single player game. The objective of the game is to defend the attack of the enemy by building a defense system. In this game you can get the opportunity to select a map to start the game. Remember, there are three different maps and you have to choose one of them. The title of the game itself reveals that the game will show the fight with modern weapons. The enemy can attack you with their vehicles and weapons. Now you have to build new canons to destroy the enemy vehicles and destroy the enemy. The enemy can also attack by using aircrafts. This time you have to use your modern weapons to destroy those aircrafts. Kill the enemy and you can earn more points. Those points can be used to buy new weapons, cannons. New cannons enhance the power of the player.There are some different strategies to stop the enemy. The player can build towers and buildings to defend the attack of the enemy. Also to earn money they can sell the buildings. Throughout the game the player can avail several opportunities to make a stronger defense system. The game should be played with intelligence and patience.

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