Fancy Pants Adventure

This funny game depicts some humorous characteristic to make the game more interesting. A stick figure with a big head full of hair, wearing two orange colored pants performing some acts of jumping and acrobatics. He performs all these acts at a high speed. Fancy Pants Adventure is a simple and good game for the new comers. The graphics of the game are excellent. The figure is thin like a pencil. Yet the graphics of the figure are truly unique. It seems that the figure is drawn by pencil on a page. The movement of the fancy pants are funny but also unique. Every level of this game is attractive and the difficulty of the levels is different for each player. Remember the player gain good points and can win this game if he has the ability to tackle the character. It is quite difficult to win this game. To make the game more interesting, the designer has made the game hard and difficult. The difficulty level will increase if you can't tame the stick figure.You can use left arrow key to move the figure to the left again right arrow key to move the figure to the right. Up arrow key is used to open the door and down arrow key to duck. You can use the S key to jump. You can use space bar to pause the game.

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