Robot Unicorn Attack

The Robot Unicorn Attack has become famous amongst the gamers since it has been in the world of gaming. A look back at the history of the game will help you know that the game had its first feature on the website of Flashline Games and also on the website of Adult Swim. The music of the game was also something that gained a great deal of popularity. In fact, there has been a slight transformation in the remixed version of the music that was created in the year 2009. No matter what the version of the game may be and what the music might be, this game has never failed in living up to the aspirations of the gamers who breathe games.Control of the games are as following:- Press Z to make the unicorn double jump, or simply jump once. - Press X to make use of the rainbow attack feature.The game was not as popular as it is now during the time of its advent. But through the years the game has gained a great deal of popularity through platforms like Appstore and several others. The game is known to have a good number of follow-ups as well. The graphics used in the game are definitely something that is to be looked out for. The intensity of the graphic is definitely something that has helped in attracting a great deal of players to the game.

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Good game!