Warfare 1944

Warfare 1944 brings back the essence of the World War 2 all the back to your computers. The game has been given a perfect setting that takes you back to the battleground of the World War 2.The game provides you with an option to play in favor of the U.S forces or the German forces alike. While playing in favor of the U.S forces you need to guide the forces through the countryside of France to launch the deadliest of all attacks on the opposition forces. As the game advances you have the opportunity to recruit new officers on the go. New equipments are allotted to you as well to carry on with the counter attack. The more points you gain, the better advantage you get against the other team.The game has been provided with a great ambience that gives you the appropriate feel of a battlefield with grenades being fired at the soldiers of the opponent team.The entire game is controlled with the help of a mouse. As you begin the game, try and get acquainted to the icons that have been provided there. Click on the icon of a soldier to bring forward the desired troops and begin the game. Click on the required firearms and grenades to fire them at the other soldier. The initial stages of the game are quite simple, but as you advance, the game becomes a bit more difficult and interesting at the same time. Make sure you also check the first part of the game Warfare 1917.

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