Warfare 1917

Almost all of us are acquainted to the course and aftermaths of the First World War through our history books back at school. The fierce battle between the German and the British troops is something that has left a deep scar on the bosom of World History as a whole. Warfare 1917 is a reflection of the same in the form of a game.As a player, you need to guide the British as well as the German troops in a valiant manner through the dangerous trenches of Europe and subsequently lead them to victory. You are provided with sufficient amount of infantry as well as firearms to lead you to the desired victory. Making use of the right strategies is a great thing that you need to employ to taste glory in this game. You need take control of the ground as soon as possible and maintain your position there as long as you can.The controls of the game are absolutely of the basic levels. Once you get acquainted to the icons that are used in the game, all that you need to do is make use of the mouse. Click on the right icons to perform the tasks that are required. Click on the firearms to aim and fire at the enemy troops and knock them down.The game helps increase concentration and keeps the player alert. You are provoked to make use of the best strategies that you have up your sleeves. Warfare 1944 is the sequel of the game, check it out!

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