Swords And Sandals 2

Swords and Sandals 2: Emperor's Reign is the sequel to the first version of the 'Swords and Sandals' series. This second version brings some changes which make the game more enjoyable. The story of the game is more adventures. The game begins with the rise of the gladiator. You need to be bold to fight for your life. You need to be more courageous to earn fame and fortune. The game gives you several chances to be the champion in the battle. It explores many chances to defeat your rivals and become champion. In this game, you can buy your weapons and armor. Remember, you need to fight, against your rivals, so it is your responsibility to prepare the platform against your rivals. You can collect or earn gold if you can defeat your rivals. Essential features of the game are the same. You are the player, so it is your responsibility to use the weapons, armor and the skill that makes your gladiator a successful one. Make your gladiator strong enough, so that he can survive and can defeat every rival. Your gladiator can choose his weapon; he has the chance to save maximum ten characters. One new feature of the game is the weapon. The gladiator can use a weapon of greater range. Weapons of greater range boost the speed of the game. A new player can enjoy the game with such new feature. Also, the player can use the magic spell to make the gladiator strongest and capable enough to fight against the rivals. Throughout the game, you can see 19 tournaments and many interesting fights. And all these make the game more attractive.

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rlly fun beat torument 1


I found the name gitch lol