Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is the sequel to the first game. But the new version has a bit of different storyline. Previously in the first version we have seen that Pokemons are acting against the Rattatas. But in the new version the player has to fight against the Shadow Pokemon.The player has to make a strategy to protect himself. The game starts with the attack of Shadow Pokemon. The player will use his skills to build a strategy to make the game more interesting. The strange but funny thing of this game is that the Shadow Pokemon for the first time appears in the dream. But in the later part it is revealed that the player has to fight against the Shadow Pokemon with his own Pokemon. The player will get his own Pokemon from Professor Elm. Throughout the game some meaningful sounds will point out the situation of the player. So there are several steps to play this game. One after another discovers the journey of the player and the rivalry Pokemon.Apart from the mouse the player can use some letter keys. C, V, X and Z keys can be used by the player to learn the skill of the Pokemons who are participating in the game.Pokemon Tower Defense is a beautiful example of intelligence combined with fun. A new player has to learn some tricky steps to play this game because the game starts with a dream.

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