Mega Miner

Mega miner is a fun game. You need to play this strategy game with minute concentration. The goal of the game is to dig and find minerals, gems and sell them to collect profits. In this game the player can find out diamonds, sapphires, silver, gold, coal, iron, rubies and emeralds.The player can use the letter keys W, A, S and D to play the game. Also arrow keys can be used to control the miner. Space bar can be used to interact.The most challenging features of this game are to collect precious minerals and to collect the profits. The player may need to repair the mining ship. The player also needs to buy fuel tanks, upgrades for the ship. Fuel itself is also a costly material. So the challenge for the player is to save money even after doing all these things and make it a profitable business. To play this game you need business skill and intellect. The miner of the game will help you to dig deep underground to find the minerals. And the mining ship will help you to collect the minerals. Arrow keys are helping to perform this job. Later you can sell the minerals with the help of the space bar.Mega miner is a great brain game. A beautifully designed game to challenge the human brain. The player has to use some basic logic, strategical planning, problem solving skills to win this game. Mega miner is a new concept. It is different from other common games.

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