Infectonator 2

The Infectonator 2 is a perfect sequel to its predecessor. This game is in fact an improved version of the same. Unlike the first version, the second one lets you infect entire continents. The game has been provided with a wider range of activities than the previous one. The sequel manages to capture the interest of the players and have the same addictive effect on the players like the previous version. Infectonator 2 has been incorporated with graphics that are way better than the earlier version. A number of funny characters have been introduced in the game as well to add on a bit of humor to the otherwise intense game.Make sure that you destroy every bit of humanity that is present in the continents through the help of your character as a zombie. The stages of the game become more complicated as you advance along the various stages of the game. What better experience than to dominate the entire human clan.The graphics of the game are something that has managed to attract the attention of a large number of players to the game in general.You need to make use of the mouse to control all the functions that are given in the game. Click and drag the zombies and the humans alike to infect the human clans and collect as many coins as possible.

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