Cyclomaniacs 2

Recently the craze for online racing games is increasing at a higher rate and Cyclomaniacs 2 is one of those online cycle racing unblocked games. Here you have to complete many achievements during racing with the other cycles. Cyclomaniacs 2 is very interesting and offers really great fun to the players of the game. Basically it is a sequel of the previous game named as Cyclomaniancs and same as the previous version, here you can also upgrade the different abilities of your cycle. There is also a sequel to the Cyclomaniacs 2, a third part called Cyclomaniacs 3.The gameplay is very attractive and impressive and like any other good online flash games Cyclomaniacs 2 requires flash player to be installed in your computer before playing. The event here is happening in a park named as Ninja Park where you will find different tracks and challenges. In every track there are some achievements and to gain those achievements you have to drive the cycle as fast as possible. This needs both practice and proper concentration towards the game.Like other flash games this game also has very easy control method as all you need is the keyboard. To control the bike you have to use the arrow keys. The upper and lower arrow keys are used as accelerator and brake. The right arrow key is for leaning forward and the left arrow is for leaning backward. You can also jump with your cycle by using spacebar or x of the keyboard. If some bike is disturbing then you can give them horn sound by pressing the ctrl key.

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