Cargo Bridge 2

Cargo Bridge 2 is the sequel of the first version of the game series. In this game a new type of bridges will be required and the construction skill of the bridge will be tested.In this second game the number of levels is high. So the player should be more attentive, and extra careful to play the game. In this game the workers will use the bridge to collect all the items, located at the other side of the map. The objective of the game is to collect all the items located at the other side of the bridge. Some new features are also added to make the game more interesting. To complete the game the player needs to complete 60 levels. An interesting feature of this game is six tools for building the bridge. The tools are wood, steel, rope, TNT, springs. At the beginning of the game wood material is all you need to build the bridge, but later on the bridge needs to be constructed to bring heavy items from the other side of the map and therefore you have to use strong materials such as iron or steel.All you need to play this game is a mouse. Through mouse you can select the material you want and make their usage. Mouse plays the key role also to completing the game.The graphics and color of this game are truly attractive and it makes the game more attractive. Cargo Bridge 2 is not only a computer game, but the advanced version of the construction shown in this game is very interesting. It is a good game to test the skill of the player.

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