Boxhead 2Play

Boxhead 2Play is an 2-Dimensional adventurous game. Zombies are quite dangerous which can kill humans with a bite. The player can experience the adventurous in the game by killing the zombies. Yes, the mission of the game is to kill the zombies. You need to kill all the zombies, which tries to attack you. You can kill the zombies by opting single player. The player can also get help from another player which may be his/her friend by opting the dual player option. There are three different options such as single, cooperative and death match.The player needs to kill the zombies that come towards the player by shooting it. Missing a shoot may decrease the life of the player when the zombie hits the player. The player can move from one place to another and change the direction to kill the zombie and to escape from the zombies too. The controls gets different in case of dual player. Upon killing the zombies the player can earn up to 10 new weapons apart from a pistol, which will be provided in the level 1 to kill the zombies. The player can also get more than 90 upgrades on a multiple zombie kill. Upon reaching the next level the difficulty will be getting increased and the player requires more concentration where the zombies attack from every direction. This game will give the player the feel of adventurous experience with its color and sounds. The blood that appears upon killing or upon getting hit make it more realistic. Enjoy the adventurous experience.

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