Armor Mayhem

If you are lover of action games where you can use your skills as well as allotted weapons, where you can obliterate your enemies completely, then Armor mayhem is the game for you. This is an awesome flash game where you will have to pass through troublesome terrains and also come to the blue opponent region and using your weapons eliminates each of them permanently. During the course of your action you will be given different types of weapons and guns. The reasons for the combat-the presence of infinity energy on the unique planet you are in. The game allows you to set up your own game map, customize conditions and also make your own objectives. For first timers you will find the instructions to be a difficult one, but there is a guide which you can use to understand the mechanisms of the game.The graphics are great and so is the sound quality. The experience which you get is awesome and this is why it is so popular among gaming enthusiasts.You can make use of A, D to go left and right and W to jump. S is to get weapons or health pointers and E is to give out orders to eliminate your teammates. R is to check out your scoreboard, Q is to change weapons. Space to special adrenaline power and Esc to pause! The controls can also be edited.

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