QWOP gained popularity around the world due to its complexness and funny gameplay. The game fully describes the difficulty of sports activities. QWOP has realistic physics and the most detailed model of the athlete, everything in this particular game is very close to reality. The main purpose of the game, was going to show that is not that easy for you to sit on the other side on the screen watching Olympic games as well as shouting as an audience: 'I would have done better!'. It often seems that a sportsman can easily swim, run and hop much better if he places a little more effort. Easy to say such things as a member of the audience!QWOP was created to give you a chance to participate in Olympic Games. In this game you will manage a runner in an arena. At the beginning it is very difficult, and you will almost certainly fail, the athlete may fall from the first step, however very soon you will get trained using the easy controls and will be capable of winning any competition! It is possible to help your athlete achieve his sporting dreams! You just need to demonstrate to him how to get started. And anything you do, do not let the body touch the ground!Try to beat the entire world record in this funny game and enjoy yourself of being an Olympic athlete!

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