Fleeing The Complex

Prisons are not something that we prefer getting ourselves into. But when you have a game like Fleeing the Complex, you would love to get yourself locked up in a prison.When in the game, you are the prisoner. The plot of the game is situated inside a prison that you need to break out of. The game becomes all the more intriguing when you do not just have to break out of your own cell but out of the entire prison. There are soldiers all around the prison who resembles single lines. The strategies that you apply for the game are an absolute necessity. You need to be quick and have absolute fast reflexes. Death is the only alternative tat you have in case you fail to escape the prison. The prison is a strongly guarded one that makes it all the more difficult for the prisoner to break through it. The prison is situated right in between the snowy mountains that give you the ultimate feel of a prison game.The controls of the game are quite simple. You need to make use of the mouse. The levels of the game keep getting complicated as you proceed further and win each level. Make sure that you keep your scorecards racing up every time.

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