Dice Wars

Dice Wars is a strategy game. The game mainly depicts dice. The goal of this game is to eliminate the opponents and conquer their territory.Dice Wars is uniquely designed to show a brilliant game plan.Dice Wars is a fun game, but it needs extra attention to play. At the start of the game the player will get some opponents. Maximum number of opponents could be 7. The player can attack the opponents from his suitable position. The rule of this game is very simple. The one who is more powerful will defeat the other. Through Dice this game strategy is shown uniquely. The game actually contains two teams, one is attacker and one is the defender. When the attackers are greater in number, then they are able to capture the defender's territory. But when the defenders are greater in number, then they can outnumber the attackers. The player can gain or increase his point of capturing a maximum number of opponent territories.Dice Wars is an addictive, entertaining and fun game. Remember small number of opponents can give you more opportunity to win the game. New dice are the symbol of new territory. So the number of new dice shows the number of new territories. In order to win this game a good strategy is must.

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very cool 10 out of 10


wish it was multiplayer but other then that fun