Cursed Treasure

Cursed Treasure is a tower defense game. This game is all about the protection of gems from being stolen. It is a good game to taste the fun.The objective of the player in this game is to prevent the enemies from touching even a single gem. This tower defense game shows three types of towers, Dens, Crypts, and Temples. Every tower has a different kind of structural tile. Temples will be built on rock tiles. Dens will be built on grass tiles. Crypts will be built on snow tiles. To earn maximum points in each level, the player needs to protect every gem. That means the enemy can't touch even a single gem. The player can achieve gold and mana to play this game. If the player can kill the enemy and earn enough gold, he can spend it to build the tower. Mana can normally be achieved while playing this game. Mana is used for casting spells.The player can use the mouse and shift keys to play this game. To play mouse plays the main role. The shift key is used to build towers. Shift key can also be used for casting spells.Cursed Treasure is a fun game with beautiful image quality. The most interesting part of this game is to protect the gems, and this needs a unique combination of skill and activeness. The player needs to remember that if the enemy can carry even a single gem back to the exit, then he will lose that gem. After completing this version make sure you check the second part of Cursed Treasure.

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