Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2 is the sequel to the previous version. This game is also based on the same theme as it was in the first version. In this second version, the player needs to be more powerful, more careful and he has to build unconquerable tower defense mode to win this game.The player needs to build various different towers in different locations to spoil the lust of the enemy. The strategy itself will show the result. This action game needs more attention to playing. The player can start the game by placing towers on the map. The towers will play a vital role to prevent the enemy from stealing the gems. If the player can't save the gems and the enemy steals all the gems then the player will lose the game. But if the player can save all the gems and can kill the enemy, then he can win the game. Not only the towers but some other factors will also be responsible for getting the result.To play and to control the game mouse plays the main role. Some other keys can also be used to play this game. Number keys to building towers: 1 to build Den tower. 2 to build Crypt and 3 to build Temple tower. Some letter keys can also be used to play the game. E to cast Meteor spell. Q to cast cut out the spell. W to cast Terror spell.So this game is not only a tower defense game but also an action game that helps a player to enjoy it with minute concentration.

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