Cookie Clicker

The game is all about the player baking the maximum amount of cookies in a certain time span of time. The most amazing fact about Cookie Clicker is that there is actually no end to the game play in this case. You are provided with a giant cookie. It is from this cookie that you are expected to create smaller cookies in the process. All that you need to do is click on the cookie of a larger size and this will help you get smaller ones. The entire game is quite an entertaining one for all.The mouse acts as the basic mode of control in the game. You have to click on the larger cookie in the game and create smaller cookies out of it.The game has definitely been given a chocolaty background that makes the entire thing look way too attractive. Cookies are definitely something that has been alluring us right from our childhood and continues to do so in the recent times. Thus, getting a reflection of the same in the games that we play gives us a feeling of pleasure. The cookies in the game basically act as currencies using which you can buy various things for your grandmother in the game. The game has a typical household feel that acts as a great mode to attract the players to the game. The look of the game is definitely something that acts as a plus point in attracting the attention of the players who play the game.

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aw man

your making me cry, this is the way i am. 🙁

aw man

awesome game1


anyways cool game ig


I have 8.9billion cookies


I have 1000000000000000000000000000billion cookies


thats a lie