Cat Mario

Cat Mario is a game that is created for the purpose of killing a certain amount of free time that you have along with a touch of entertainment to it. The game actually revolves around a white cat that is supposed to be the player and the task of the player is to take the cat as far as possible. In an attempt to do so, the player is supposed to collect as many points as possible in the process. The game has an animated background that represents the cartoons that we got to see as children. The game begins with simple levels that become complex as you progress through the levels.The controls that are needed to manage the game are quite basic. This makes it easy to navigate throughout the game and has lesser levels of complexities.- Make use of the space key to make the cat jump. - The arrow keys help the characters to move in specific directions.The basic thing that makes the game all the more difficult is the accuracy in the timing that is needed in the game. It is all a matter of the perfect timing that you set in the entire game that takes you from one level to the other. The game was initially formulated by Japanese Company who wanted to bring a level of difficulty in the game so as to prevent the gamer from crossing the levels with ease. The design of the game does give the gamers a difficult time throughout the play.

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jo mama

how to beat this flag on level 1