Whack Your Teacher

Whack Your Teacher Description

Whack your teacher is a beautiful flash game. This game depicts a lot of new features and also some very rare tricks to manage your anger. Anger can be a common problem for any person. It is not necessary that the only adult has the rights to get angry. Sometimes, kids, children or students can be angry. This game shows a particular fact regarding the anger. There are several examples of anger in the offices or homes or some other places. Even there are several video games which depict this anger.

But whack your teacher unblocked is completely different from all those video games. Sometimes it happens that as a student, you have face insults from the teachers in the class. It is a common fact that every human being has the sentiment, and if you hit that, then you have to bear the consequences. It is not possible for you to ignore your own sentiment as a student. There are several real examples when a teacher bit or insult a student for no reason or for a very minimum reason. Even sometimes student can't understand his fault, but still, he or she has to face the anger and insult of the teacher. Now there is an extreme point when you can't bear the insult anymore. In that case, it is difficult to bear your anger. Now these are several ways that you can apply to tackle your anger. One better way is to fight with the teacher by insulting him or throwing items at him. So this game is truly very funny.