Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex Description

Whack your ex is a popular flash game. With an interesting storyline, this game provides some new features. When you are engaged in a relationship, then it is obvious that you try to keep a good relationship. Now in this game, you have the opportunity to know how to relieve your stress or tension. This funny game is like therapy. When you play the game, you can understand how you have to relieve your stress after a breakup. Ina word, this game depicts the couple's therapy.

The game consists of two cartoons. One cartoon represents the boys, and another one represents the girls. Now you can first select any one of them by clicking on the bottom of the items. Remember the items can be used by the selected person as weapons. That means using weapons can be one way to channelize your anger and stress. This game is truly a beautiful game with some beautiful tricks to manage the anger. There are several ways you can apply to get rid of your anger or stress.

And this game shows some of the tricks. Most of the times there are several reasons behind the breakup, and one key fact is it can be the source of tension or stress. Throughout the game, you can learn how you can tackle your anger or tension or stress. You can play this interesting game with utmost care because through this game, you can learn many tricks, and also you can have the opportunity to taste some new features.