Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss Description

Whack your boss is a beautiful flash game. It is an interesting game. The key fact of this game is that it is different from other common video games. The key fact of the game is to manage the stress or anger. It is a fact that a good number of persons are working in the private offices and government offices. And most of the times they have to bear the pressure of the workload. Even sometimes they have to face the rude behavior of the bosses of the office. It can be that sometimes you can't bear the insult all the times.

Most of the times, the employees have to bear an extreme workload in the office. And sometimes it seems difficult to carry the workload. But a common fact is the bosses are not ready to consider that. They can easily insult the employees for no reason or for a very minimum reason. Now this game depicts the most suitable ways that ultimately teach you how you can manage your anger at this moment. Truly, this game shows some ways to manage your anger and revenge mentality against your office boss. As an experienced player, you can't ignore the attraction of this game. Even if you are a new player, then you can learn the tricks and new ways to play this game. With a set of new features, this game helps you to discover some new ways to tackle your anger at the right time. Even you can use some items in this game to explore a new trend of the video games.