Twin Shot 2

Twin Shot 2 Description

Twin Shot is one of the greatest shooting games published by Nitrome(dot)com. The game was published on 6th February 2009 and it was well accepted by the players. When the creators of the game saw the results and perfect rating, they have decided to expand the first version of Twin Shot. After few months later, they have realized the project and they've made the second version of Twin Shot. Twin Shot 2 was released on 20 July 2009. But that was not all, Nitrome have made a deal with Mochi so they have included MochiCoins to Twin Shot 2. For Nitrome, that was the first game that they have allowed their players to create and use Mochi Account. With MochiCoins players were able to buy new skins, powerups and extra levels. But they have halted their cooperation in 2012. After one years later, on 7th February 2013 Nitrome have also released and made the game available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Playing Twin Shot is not always fun, that's why you need to try and Twin Shot 1 too.

Twins Shot is programmed by Chris Burt-Brown, the Artwork is made by Markus Heinel and the music was composed by Dave Cowen. The expand version of the game is developed by five people. Markus Heinel and Mat Annal worked on graphics and artwork, Chris Burt-Brown and Heather Stancliffe worked on programming and Dave Cowen composed the music.

First version of Twin Shot got 50 levels and all of them can be played and passed in Multiplayer. In both games you can play the game with your friend in Multiplayer. The expanded version have 50 levels called by "Good Levels" and another 50 levels called "Evil Levels". Developers have enabled a great future by allowing the players to play random difficulty level from the start. Playing the game with a friend in Multiplayer is different from playing in Single player. The good thing in Multiplayer is that you can challenge your friend and try to win against him by destroying more monster and collect their stuff.