Twin Shot

Twin Shot Description

Shooting game are quite famous these days and many of these games are made with innovation and have totally different concepts. Twin shot is that innovative shooter game which includes angles and players have to use these angles in order to kill their enemies. In 2009, February 6, the game is release on various platforms. Also, the weapons of enemies are different from the weapons of angles which make this game more interesting.

  • In the game, you will not able to finish the level unless you killed all the enemies. Well killing your enemies is not an easy task because they hold many different powers and thus they are fast.
  • Besides this, in each level the players have to face different enemies which are probably two or three in numbers.
  • Just like other games, levels are unlimited and in the game various surprises are disclosed. Graphics of the game remind you the top shooting games in which you can see each and every detail displayed on the screen.
  • Yes the game is full of bad guys and evil characters but you still enjoy their presence as their hardcore challenge makes this game interesting.
  • Taking about the game concept then it is very fresh and new concepts are really mind blowing. On the other hand control mechanism works well in the game and you can bale to play it smoothly.

Twin Shot game is meant for those people who love the hardcore action plus shooting game in which they can blow off their enemy’s brain.