Toss The Turtle

Toss The Turtle Description

This distance game is different from other video games. The key feature of this game is that you have to fire your turtle from a cannon and measure how far the turtle can go. The best part of the game is the use of the turtle. Truly the way the turtle is used in the game is also very interesting. After throwing the turtle to a particular distance, you can avail the opportunity to buy upgrades, so that you can increase the distance. It is a fun game.

But most interestingly, it is also a hilarious game. There are some other games that use turtle. But in this game, the way of using the turtle is different from other games. If you are an experienced player and yo have already played games like this, then you can play this game very easily. But if you are a new player, then you need to keep patience to play this game. Because, even if you use all the opportunities, then also you have to use your wit to invent some tricks so that you can cover all the essential levels and score good points. One important feature of the game is the fine graphics. The game is looking great and attractive with the graphics. When you begin to play the game, you can see some beautiful graphical effects of cartoons and some great music. So you play the game with total enthusiasm. Protection Status
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