Thing Thing Arena 3

Thing Thing Arena 3 Description

Thing Thing Arena 3 is an action – shooting game, where you enter one of many different arenas to destroy as many enemies as possible and do it in a “style”. This fast-paced mindless shooting game adorned with a ton of different weapons is super challenging and exciting game which has been developed by “Diseased Productions”. You can customize your character and enter one of the so many different areas, blasting your way and securing a place onto the hi-score board. What makes this game all the more exciting are the great blood effects, background artwork, and the game-play. The object of this game is to kill as many enemies as possible with full-on style. You will be awarded points for killing enemies and all the more additional points on how you kill them (that is where style comes into the picture).

Thing Thing Arena 3 has a totally new take on the original series and scores you on style rather than body count. It has now reached a cult status in the Unblocked Flash Games Genre.