The World's Hardest Game

The World's Hardest Game Description

The world's hardest game is a very popular flash unblocked game. As a player, you can enjoy the game, but you have to use your intellect to play this game. This game consists of different actions and adventures. Like other action games, this game also includes a set of new features. The story line of this game is unique. As a player, you have to play the game efficiently. As you make progress in the game, you can understand the strategy of the game. One key item of the game is the Blue balls. And you have to make a plan so that you don't get hit by the blue balls. You have to maintain protection. You have to protect a Red square. When you begin to play the game, you have to set a journey towards a Green Zone. And on the way, you can get the Red Square. Now you have to save it from the Blue balls because to reach the Green Zone you have to secure the Red Square. If the balls hit the Red Square, then you will lose the game. This game includes a set of different levels, and you have to complete all the levels as fast as you can. You have to collect the yellow dots to complete the levels. While playing the game you have to use your own intellect to understand the pattern of the moving obstacles. One simple trick you should remember that is, don't get yourself fooled by the simple design of the game. Be conscious and think carefully before approaching for the next step. Patience and intellect together help you to win the game.