The Last Stand: Union City

The Last Stand Union City Description

The Last Stand: Union City is a flash and interesting zombie game. It is one of the most popular zombie games. The player plays the key role of the game. He is trapped in a union city which is completely infested by the zombies. The city is situated on the east coast of the North America. It is obvious that it is a fictional city. The game shows how the player struggles to survive. He is searching for food to survive when the zombies are trying to eliminate the last survivor. The player also stores weapons to fight against the zombies.

Some key features of this game are truly beautiful. One of them is the searching for a safe house to get shelter. While searching for a safe house, he has to fight against those infected populations. The highlight of this game is that the whole game is survived with the leading character, i.e. the player. The searching for the safe house explores the existence of many survivors. The player with other survivors, collectively solve many problems and face many obstacles. The storyline of the game is to find out if there is any survivor left in the city which is full of zombies.

As already mentioned, the game is full of new features, and you have to use your intellect to play this game. Several kinds of obstacles you have to face, and you can't solve them easily. Collectively you need to use your wit to cross those obstacles.