Territory War 3

Territory War 3 Description

Territory War 3 is another territory war game with some new features and new tasks. This flash game brings some new tricks and some new ways to play. The best part of this game is this one contains a set of new modes to play. This game also has the same central characters, the stickmen. This strategic war game is truly an attractive game with beautiful graphics.

As a player, you have to prepare your own army of stickmen to defeat enemies. The enemies are computer controlled. To eliminate the enemies, your key weapon is the grenade. It is necessary that when you are playing a strategy game, then you have to apply your own intellect, skill and the power of judgment to complete your mission. Now an important feature of this game is that it contains turn taking. That means both the sides will get the chance to use grenades, but the best part of it is the player can control the use of grenades. The proper use of grenades can increase the casualties and damages significantly. After the use of grenade by the player, it will be the term for the enemy to use the grenades.

As already mentioned, that grenade can increase or maximize the consequences, so you should be more alert to avoid the hit by the enemy. Apart from grenades, some other weapons are available in this game, like the sniper rifles, magnums, RPGs. You can also use a map to identify the activity of the enemy. So play the game with total enthusiasm and enjoy all the moments.