Territory War 2

Territory War 2 Description

Territory War 2 is the next sequel of the Territory war game. This flash game with its first version has gathered popularity. Like the first version, the second version is also a strategy game. This game contains some similarities to the first game and at the same time, it contains some new features to make it more attractive and more interesting. This game also features a war zone.

Now the central characters of this game are the stick men. And they are fighting with each other. That means a stick man is fighting against another Stickman. While playing the game you have to apply all kinds of strategies, like the attacking, moving and defending. It is a fact that the game is full of fun and some enjoyable moments. Though the game is a strategy game, but still the game is full of funny moments. This game contains many levels to play. And most of the levels contain some difficult tasks to complete. To complete the game, it is necessary that the player has to play every level. As already mentioned that the game features a war zone that means the game mainly depicts fighting. Now you have to fight against your enemies.

With proper intellect and strategy you have to kill the enemies and at the same time, the enemies also eliminate some of your brothers or colleagues in the war zone. The best part of this game is you have to win and survive in all the levels of the game. It is not an easy task, and you have to apply all your intellect to complete this game.