Sugar Sugar 3

Sugar Sugar 3 Description

Sugar Sugar 3 is a logic game where you have to draw and get enough sugar in the cups in 30 sweet levels. Sugar Sugar 3 is an awesome sequel to the popular Sugar, Sugar original. It is not as easy as it sounds, but you will be able to manage. At first, it will seem very simple, but it will get more and more challenging and difficult as the game progresses. Filling the cup will make you get to the next level. The game is more or less like a custom sugar factory where you have to engineer a sequence to deliver the material through the right processes to the right destinations.

There are few essential skills that you should keep in mind before playing the game. This game is about problem-solving, so you should try, improve and try again. It will require you to think creatively, as there is more than one way to solve the puzzles. You should be quick enough to make a spatial reasoning as sugar sometimes falls UP.

The coffee cups need sugar. In order to direct the sugar directly in the cup, you have to use your mouse to draw lines. One thing that you should remember is that the color of the sugar should match the color of the mug. For making a match you might need to pass the mug through a color filter first.

So enjoy this fun, relaxing puzzle game full of exciting and original challenges.