Stick RPG 2

Stick RPG 2 Description

Stick RPG 2 is the next version of the Stick RPG. This version is different from the first. This flash game contains a list of different features. The key part of this game is the paper-thin character. The city of the paper-thin citizen is so unique and surprising that you can forget the way through which you have entered the city. Apart from the paper thin characters in this game gives you the option to interact with other characters. You have to improve your knowledge through this interaction. To survive in the new world, you have to solve many mysteries.

Even you have to find new jobs to explore the city. The city is completely different from the common planned cities. For an experienced player, this game is the best source of exploring new tricks to win. And for a new player, most of the parts of this game are new and full of surprises. So it is necessary for a new player to use intellect to play and win this game. The 3D character of this game makes it unique. With fine graphics, the picture quality of the game is very good. So it is a fact this game is truly attractive with its beautiful graphics and several new features. You start the game with a crowded place of the city, but later you discover different characters that help you enrich your knowledge. So keep your patience while playing the game and enjoy the game with total thrill.