Stick RPG

Stick RPG Description

You are living in the new generation. And it is impossible that you can't even spend a little time to play video games. There are so many video games, and each one is different from another. Even most of the times every game acquires different plot. And with different plots games become more interesting. Stick RPG is one such interesting game with absolutely different character and plot. This flash game is interesting and at the same time enjoyable too. This game is produced by the XGenStudio.

The story of the game is about the world full of paper-thin citizens. You are unknown and new to them, so you have to fight to survive. There are different situations that you have to face. Some of the situations are hard, and some of the situations are hilarious. As a player, you have to deal with both kinds of situations. The images of the paper thin citizen are truly interesting and at the same time very different from common characters. Some parts of this game are truly very complex.

Though overall the game is unique and very funny. The graphics of this game is another important feature, and it helps to enrich good quality images. In this game, the player has to explore the features of the paper thin characters. And at the same time, you also have to discover the features of the city of the paper-thin citizens. For a new player, this game is full of surprises. So enjoy the game with fun.