Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter Description

The Stick Fighter game offer high level excitement to anybody that begins playing it. You will find that the player’s character would be on the new journey. It will be rushing in intense manner to reach at end of stick world.

The goal of players while playing stick fighter is to make sure that enemies get killed and how much running could be done. The high score of players has to be submitted in the game box and then this will allow player to challenge any person from the entire world to beat his score by defeating him.

The cliff jumping is done and powerful weapons are gained by player as the progress is made in Stick Fighter game. It’s really cool action packed game that is loved by kids and the adults as well. There are so many distinct kinds of weapons that can be taken advantage from.

You will see that there is no need to be worrying of graphics as these are prefect and brilliant designed. The game also offers you with the most awesome bonuses that will help at all later stages in this game. The life can get extended and increased of your character when you win some additional points for it.

The mouse is going to operate the game for you. The left and right clicks will be used for jumping and killing of enemy respectively. You would jump, fly and punch all the enemies that stop your way. By doing this, so many extra points will be gained and that’s going to make you win.