Sprinter Description

Sprinter Game is a super awesome game where you should force the way through to glory tops. Playing Sprinter game is when you have to try to run faster than your rivals in the 100-meter distance like super speeder Usain Bolt. The objective of the game is to finish first in every round. In this game, you are an Olympic athlete and famous sprinters are Jesse Owen and Carl Lewis. At the end of the race, you can see yours as well as their records. This top-down action game having some striking minimalist artwork and a dynamic, atmospheric original soundtrack that keeps on building and interacts well with the players as they proceed to the higher level. This very addictive and challenging game-play features lightning-quick retries. The best part of the game is minimalist aesthetic with a hand-drawn feel and an illustrated narrative with visual imagery featuring intimate family story perspectives.

Sprinter is a 100-meter sprint game where you have to compete against other rivals. The game is pretty easy to understand even by amateurs. You don’t have to apply your brains on any puzzle or any brainstorming rules. Basically, you have to press the ‘left and right keys’ on the keyboard to run, but make sure that you press them carefully so that the player does not fall. As you go to advanced stages, the level of difficulty increases, but the simple rules of the games make it all the more fun for the amateurs.

First, you run against school boys, then against girls, then against college boys and so on. The distance of 100 meters is short, so you click the arrow keys regularly to pass other sprinters and if you fail, you can come behind and can be the Olympic champion. You have to press “Left and Right Arrow keys alternately as fast as possible.

So put on your running shoes and get ready for some sprinting action and become the ultimate athlete in the Olympic 100 meter discipline.