Sports Heads Soccer

Sports Heads Soccer Description

If you are an ardent football lover, this game might just be the right choice for you. Sports head soccer has advanced to become one of the best games for soccer lovers in the recent times. Make sure that you have a great aim as it helps you in scoring the maximum amount of goals when you are out in the field.

Athletic heads are in a fierce combat with the lovely heads right on the football ground. You need to score the maximum amounts of goals that you can, to win the game. The prime objective of the game is to shoot as many goals as possible. You need to have a sharp reflex in order to access the shootout. The game has an interesting plot and gives you the feel of a soccer player. You can easily quench your thirst for soccer in your free times back at home.

You are provided with the required amount of help and instructions to move the players in the game. The following buttons are to be used in the keyboard while you play the game:

  • Use the space button to start the game
  • 1st player makes use of W,S,A and D keys respectively, along with the space key
  • The 2nd player makes use of P and the other arrow keys to move about the game and controls the other aspects