Sniper Team 2

Sniper Team 2 Description

Sniper Team 2 is a military action game. The player has to lead the team of elite snipers to save the fellow troops. Every member of Captain Miller’s Task Force is positioned in a unique location. In the first battle, the player must provide cover fire until the support arrives. The player has to try earning completion and prestige bonuses in each mission. Your mission is to defend a strategic objective by repelling successive waves of incoming enemies and switch between your four snipers, positioned to cover the entire area in order to flush out the terrorists faster. In the sniper team, a player can switch between four sniper positions and snipe all the attacking enemies. This is a sequel of the excellent “Sniper Team” with some better graphics and having more than ten missions to beat your team of soldiers. Choose your favorite weapon and aim before and stop the enemies from taking over your base.

As the enemies are coming from all the sides, it is your job to command a dreadful bunch of sharpshooters to give the last stand and protect your base from the attackers.

The player uses the following to play the game:
Mouse = Aim / Shoot, Space = Zoom In / Out, Q = Switch Weapon, 1-4 = Switch Sniper, R = Reload

Take your best headshot to prove how accurate you are to scope your enemies from across the map. Enjoy the incredible 3D snipping game.