Raze 3

Raze 3 is a flash action-shooting game. In this game again the aliens are back and in the zombie form. After the succession of the first two versions of the series now the player is given an opportunity to be a member of the elite squad. The player can make a team to eliminate the zombies. He should be more well trained and he and his team will be given new weapons to use against the aliens or zombies, whatever you call them. The team should be smart, physically fit and ready to learn from the mistakes. The player should be physically fit to run, jump, weave and to show the courage and skill against the enemies. This game reveals two modes. One is campaign mode and the other is the quick-match mode. While playing through the campaign level you can earn more credits and can use them to buy weapon enhancements and upgrades. In this game you get the opportunity to form a team of captured aliens to defend the zombies.Arrow keys are used for the character's movement. Also, you can use W, A, S and D for the same purpose. Use the mouse to aim and fire. For the best stability use F key or Ctrl key. You can use the number keys to select weapon. Q and E keys can be used to change the weapon.Raze 3 is a truly adventurous game. The beautiful animation and sound effect make the game even more attractive.

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