Playing With Fire 2

Playing With Fire 2 Description

If you want to play a fighting game with your opponents, Playing with Fire 2 might be a very interesting game for you. If you are interested in bombs and want to play a game in which you have the opportunity to destroy the enemy, this game is for you. The game is an easy game without much-complicated rules. All that you need to do is to just carefully select the place where to put the bomb and move away from the location as soon as possible. You are the one who would select the location where you need to drop the bomb so that you can destroy the enemy easily. It has garnished some great interest in war games recently. The game is pretty easy to understand even by amateurs.

This game can only be played with the help of the keyboard keys. The rules are not that complicated to understand. Basically, you have to press the ‘left, right, up and down keys’ on the keyboard to move around and press the ‘semicolon key’ two times to drop the bomb. You have to kill everyone three times to win the game in three minutes. Additionally, there are features like powerups, fast hands, golden trainers, golden power kicks and lightning. You can collect powerups to increase the capacity to drop the bombs. Golden power kick helps you position the bomb in the desired location while lightening gives more power to your bombs. Fast hands allow you to throw the bombs at your opponents while golden trainers help you run faster.