Paladog is a strategy game. This game reveals the calmness of mind and the strength to fight the evil. The game is designed on a particular imagination, where a world of critters has shown the courage to stand up and fight against the evil forces. Critters are the peace loving creatures. They are different from the human world. The story of this game actually narrates the true courage of a living society.The game is about a Paladog who appears to save his world, the world of critters. Throughout the game the player can travel 5 places. There are in total 120 stages to play to complete the game. The five places which can be travelled by the player are Mind Forest, Forest of the Dead, Ice Glen, Dark Cave, Forgotten Palace. The winner can accumulate total 200 levels. All 120 stages can be divided into five types of stages. In this game the player will act on behalf of the paladog to summon other creatures to fight against the demons who will try to destroy the world critters. The numbers of points depend on the time taken by the player to complete each level of this game.The game will be played with the help of the keyboard. Mouse is one of the main keys to play this game. To move left and right the player needs to use A and D. There are 9 units to play this game. Uses of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 number keys will help the player to summon all 9 units. Paladog's maces can work with the help of J, K and L. Use of Q and E to move camera view. To reset camera view the player can use W. Esc key can pause the game.The best part of this game is that this game can be played with minute attention and patience.

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