My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro Description

There are certain games that do surprise you. This is one such game that is bound to surprise you to a great extent. The character around which the entire game revolves is a banana that acts as a support to the player in the game. If you are one of a kind who has been thinking of an opportunity to fly like your favorite super hero, then this game can help you get the chance. You take the best shot at the bad guys in the game while you fly around the entire place.

  • The arrow keys help the characters to roll, jump and move in the required directions.
  • Press the space bar to dodge the bullets and take a perfect shot at your enemies.
  • Press the shift key to slow down the levels of time in the game accordingly.
  • Throughout the game you get a chance to collect various weapons that can prove to be useful to you. It is with these weapons that you are supposed to kill the enemies around. The game allows playing as per the levels of your comfort. You can make use of the keyboard to take control of the various steps or you can make use of the mouse to operate the different controls. My Friend Pedro has been created with an aura of suspense that helps in adding on to the entertainment quotient of the entire game. The game isn't just having an interesting theme, but has great effects that have been added on to it. Protection Status
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