Jacksmith 3 Description

Jacksmith is one of the popular flash games. Like other flash games, this game doesn't contain a common story. It features a new storyline. In this game the main character is Jacksmith. He is the donkey in the whole land. The main character works as a blacksmith. His work is to make weapons for the warriors. Truly, this is an interesting game. And as a player, you can experience a lot of fun. Even an experienced player can enjoy this game with so much fun and enthusiasm. Some interesting new features are there, which make the game more attractive and beautiful.

As a blacksmith, the central character of the game makes all the weapons in his own hand. That means he is the craftsman and at the same time, he does everything in his own hand. The weapons that the craftsman creates are bows. Arrows, axes, swords and others. The best part of his craftsmanship is he, himself, selects the ore and molds it. After that, he melts the ore and pours it in the boxes and creates a design accordingly. Truly, he does a great job, and at the same time, he creates perfect weapons. To make all the weapons the blacksmith needs to use his skills and strategy.

Apart from the craftsmanship, jacksmith plays an important role in the war. He collects loot and helps the cannon man. Like other war games, this game also depicts the progress of the war after every level. So it is the time to play the game and enjoy the fun.