Hount The House

Hount The House Description

If you enjoy some mystery and horror and love to play light pranks on people, Haunt the house might be a very interesting game for you. If looking for a spooky yet fun game, Haunt the house is the right game for you. The game is an uncomplicated yet very interesting game. Imagine you are a ghost and get to stay inside the people and have all the fun, excited right? All that you need to do is to just carefully select the people and stay inside them so that you can travel a lot and at the end float to your house. You are the one who would select the location and the person inside whose body, you would reside temporarily. Not only the theme of the game is amazing, the game has an excellent animation and background music which adds to its spooky feel. It is an amazingly put up game. It has received some great review in recent times and people of all ages are loving the game especially kids.

This game can only be played with the help of the keyboard keys. The game is pretty easy to understand even by amateurs. You don’t have to apply your brains on any puzzle or any brainstorming rules. Basically, you have to press the ‘left and right keys’ on the keyboard to move around and remember you are the ghost. Once you reach the desired object, you have to and press the ‘space key’ to possess the souls of the objects. You have to choose the objects in such a way that you can travel far and float over to your house as fast as possible.