Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels Description

If you are a big fan of science fiction movies and free unblocked games then this game will amuse you. This game is dedicated to all the science lovers who love to study and play with science. Happy wheels are an amazing and physics based game in which you have to clear the obstacle arises in the game. You can play this game on mobile and victory is your foremost aim in it.

  • This science based game is filled with the challenging levels and the number of unique levels in it is 30. In each level, you get some help to solve the problems and obstacles in the game but they are limited so make sure that you will use them carefully.
  • In this game. Players can now use the editor and create their own levels in which they can make things favorable for them. This is a super fun thing in this game as now when you stuck somewhere and want a break then this thing will entertain you.
  • The obstacle in the game is deadly and they are in the form of spikes, harpoons, mines, wrecking balls etc. All these obstacles are very difficult to come over and you need some practice in it.
  • Taking about the physics in the game then it is very realistic but smooth also. It will be liked by the players even those players who do not like physics.
Happy wheels game also consists of leaderboard and many players like this social feature in the game very much.